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Best Woman-Owned 3PL Management Company – USA

Press Release: Tina Latta - Best Woman Owned 3PLTransport News Magazine has announced the winners of the 2017 Logistics, Warehouse & Supply Chain Awards. The publication named East Coast Transport LLC the 2017 Best Woman-Owned 3PL Management Company in the United States.

For forty years ECT, a woman-owned minority business, has continuously upheld its values and principles, bringing success to the company, its customers, and their employees. As a 3PL (Third Party Logistics Company), East Coast Transport provides flawlessly executed integrated solutions and consistently delivers value to their customers.

These achievements are only possible because of a strategic focus on implementing innovative technology and programs and their belief in reinvesting in their employees to develop talent. This focused approach has led to continued customer loyalty and profitable growth that enhances the investments. East Coast Transport has a wide range of customers from some of the largest companies in the USA such as Butterball, LLC, Poland Springs-Nestles Waters, Del Monte Fresh, Seaboard Foods, J & J Snack Foods, Accurate Box, and Coca-Cola. Working with such a wide range of clients, the firm needs to offer the very highest standards of service, as Paul explains.

“ECT offers many services including management services, rail, and ocean transportation but most our services are based in truck transportation including; vans, refrigerated, and flatbed services. Our success is motivated by core the values from Tina Latta, managing member/Owner of ECT, who helps drive our firm to the success it is today.
“In addition to strong leadership, we are very fortunate to have an outstanding team of professionals that understand that each customer is unique and deserves individual custom solutions. Our job is to make our customer exceed their customer service requirements every time. Additionally, ECT is made up of a diversified group of professionals that have many years of experience in all aspects of the supply chain that understands each of our customer’s needs.”

To remain at the forefront of emerging developments in the market, ECT is a proud member of TIA (Transportation Intermediaries Association) who provide real-time information pertaining to regulatory compliance and valuable industry information. Paul himself is a member of the TIA Highway Logistics committee member engaging with other logistics professionals addressing regulatory reform. Technology is also vital to offer the most up to date solutions, and as such, the firm is dedicated to offering the latest solutions, as Paul emphasizes.

“To ensure that we are always offering cutting edge solutions, ECT continues to make major investments in technology such as MCLEOD Software to support all company functions including accounting, FMCSA compliance, tracking and tracing ECT also uses EDI (Electronic Data Integration) to ensure live and accurate data communications with our customers.
“Macro Point delivers a cost effective, third party load tracking solution engineered to “Track ANY Load.” It is a global freight visibility platform for shippers, brokers and 3PLs to get real-time visibility on the freight they have given to 3rd party carriers. This cloud-based SaaS solution works on any cell phone, with existing in-cab ELD/GPS and trailer tracking devices, rail car providers, and other modes to provide real-time location monitoring and tracking, delivery monitoring, and event notifications to third parties. Integrated with a wide range of TMS systems, Macro Point automates the entire process, eliminating the need for drivers to check in with dispatchers, and for shippers and brokers to check in with carriers.

“ECT also uses CargoNet that provides a security protection network so East Coast Transport can let customers know that particular areas of the country have high thefts rates, especially for certain cargo types. CargoNet not only reports and follows up on thefts and suspicious activities, but it also works with law enforcement to locate hijacked cargo.
“All these systems provide information that is important protection we provide for our company and our customers ensuring carriers meet and or exceed our company and customers’ standards for safe and reliable transportation.”

Moving forward, ECT is keen to build upon its current success and grow even further as it seeks to offer clients the service they need in this ever evolving market, as Paul concludes.

“Looking ahead, a primary investment for ECT is focusing our efforts selecting and implementing world-class vendors to support us servicing our customers. Our expectations are that we will attract a wide range of customers to become their go-to company for all their transportation and logistics needs. This year has proven that our expansion as a Full-Service 3PL has become a reality, and we will continue to add additional services to our portfolio.”

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