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East Coast Transport Interview With

Abstract: Dan Latta Jr. talks about logistics and trucking and how the industry has changed over the years. East Coast Transport, LLC has grown to a multi-million dollar company from nothing.

In 1977, East Coast was founded on the key principles of honesty, integrity, partnership, and hard work. These foundational principles proved to be their ‘magic sauce’ over forty years later. As a third-party logistics company, East Coast Transport (ECT) has grown tremendously since their first contract with Ocean Spray, turning themselves into a multi-million dollar 3PL, transporting both dry freight and refrigerated freight loads for national brands.

Today, East Coast Transport, continues with those same principles, along with dedication, experience, and teamwork. ECT’s family of brokers, agents, dispatchers, and staff are committed to providing ultimate success for every transaction that our customers have, ensuring they represent their brand and their customers’ brands.

East Coast demonstrates a strong sense of dedication to their employees’ growth, success, and knowledge, through on-going training and talent development, which adds to their business success. ECT continues to apply the latest and best-suited technology that enhances their productivity, accuracy, and performance as a transport and logistics company. East Coast has been the recipient of many performance awards that prove our success is customer focused. To learn how ECT can help your company grow using their experience and resources in logistics, contact Dan Latta Jr. at