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What to Look for in a Transport and Logistics Company?

In today’s competitive marketplace, companies must offer flexible shipping options to keep up with consumer demands. Considering the diverse types of goods available today and the ease of ordering items, a one-size-fits-all shipping option is impossible. Many industries rely on a transport and logistics company to move their products to consumers, across town, and the country.

What is a Transport and Logistics Business, and What do they do?

A transport and logistics company coordinates the pickup and delivery of goods for a wide variety of clients. This process involves meticulous planning, scheduling, communication, and tracking services, as well as keeping clients up to date on the status of their shipments.

When looking for a transport and logistics company, it is important to find one with a solid performance history, top-quality transportation services at competitive prices, and accessible customer service. Investing in a transportation service requires a trust that the transport and logistics company will deliver your valuable products safely and efficiently.

Flexible and experienced 3PL companies support many industries, including building, packaging materials, high value, hazmat, machinery, food and beverage, imported goods, and paper products.

An experienced 3PL, East Coast Transport LLC, provides logistics services for various shipping options, including intermodal transportation, expedited services, full truckloads, oversized and fragile freight, less than truckloads, and full freight management.

What is the Difference Between Transportation and Logistics?

Transportation is the final step in the Logistics process. Logistics refers to the planning and flow management of goods and services. Transportation is the actual execution of this planning, moving goods along the supply chain.

A Transport and Logistics company performs many more duties than just transportation. They are responsible for the packing, documentation, insurance, delivery routing, and tracking of shipments, among other services. These services are offered across many industries such as food and beverage, building supplies, imported goods, machinery, and hazmat, just to name a few.

Transportation is the actual pickup and delivery of goods for various clients. East Coast Transport offers transportation by way of vans, tractor-trailers, refrigerated trailers, and flatbed trucks. Carriers utilized by East Coast Transport are required to meet high safety, reliability, and professionalism standards. A good transport and logistics company will get your goods where you need them, when you need them, without damage.

What is a 3rd Party Logistics Company?

A Third Party Logistics (3PL) company like East Coast Transport works with a broad network of distribution centers and carriers to meet clients’ many transportation needs. Whether your supply chain is centralized, decentralized, or distributed, a transport and logistics company can introduce you to distribution options in a broader area.
An experienced 3PL also works with many carriers, making it possible to mobilize transportation quickly at a fair price. A transport and logistics company works with each customer to serve their specific needs as best as possible. Depending on your shipment, a 3PL can offer full freight management, full or limited truckload services, intermodal transportation, specialized transportation, and expedited service.

  • A full truckload of freight takes up the entire truck and is usually compiled of oversized freight, non-perishables, or hazardous freight. Refrigerated, flatbed and dry van trucks transport full truckloads, carrying up to 44,000 pounds and 48 pallets.
  • With LTL (less than truckload) shipping, carriers ship small amounts of freight from multiple customers. Although the truck gets filled, each customer occupies a portion of the truck, and they pay only for the space they occupy on the truck.
  • Oversized, hazardous, and fragile freight requires special equipment and packaging. Also, some goods have particular handling and regulatory needs. A 3PL, knowledgeable in specialized transportation services, is required in certain situations.
  • Intermodal transportation involves the transportation of goods in one container using a variety of different modes of transportation. This form of transportation reduces costs since the goods are not handled frequently and the route uses fewer stops to get the goods to their final destination.
  • Shipping and delivering goods faster than normal, by offering expedited services, is necessary for today’s fast-paced environment. A 3PL customizes expedited services to fit your needs and has experience with local couriers, same-day delivery, and overnight shipping.

A 3PL should be innovative, updating and adding new technology to manage all aspects of transport and logistics, from planning to delivery. Coordinating all facets of the supply chain, there are several factors to consider when looking for a transport and logistics company.

Key Factors in a Transport and Logistics Company

  • An experienced 3PL will know what is required to ship a product. For instance, perishable items must be transported in a refrigerated truck (reefer), while heavy equipment requires an oversized flatbed load.
  • A 3PL can assess your supply chain and make recommendations in all aspects of freight management, including transportation, tracking, technology, safety, warehousing, and communications.
  • A 3PL must be adaptable to market demands and transportation opportunities, making adjustments when required, as this affects an organization’s bottom line. A 3PL knows how to handle situations during the transportation process, such as bad weather, delays, breakdowns, and driver issues.
  • Transporting freight efficiently and safely ensures deadlines are met and customers are happy while keeping costs down. Freight must be moved quickly at an affordable price through a reputable 3PL to keep up with delivery demands.

What is a Freight Broker?

A freight broker provides communication between the shipper and the carrier. This communication makes the process more time and cost-efficient by connecting carriers to different customers and their various needs. Freight brokers are very valuable to a transport and logistics company.

East Coast Transport uses the McLEOD TMS software system to provide users a fully integrated freight brokerage management system. This software offers accountability, operations oversight, and endless customer integration opportunities. MACROPOINT is a feature integrated into McLEOD TMS that provides customers 24/7 updates on the status and location of their shipments. Electronic Data Interchange is another option offered by East Coast Transport, which connects customers with an operating and accounting team.

Why Choose East Coast Transport LLC as your Transport and Logistics Company?

East Coast Transport LLC understands the logistics industry and regulations, and has an extensive network of transportation providers moving all types of freight. Advances in technology and increased competition have created unique customer demands in logistics. At East Coast Transport LLC, we continually invest in our technology and people enhancing our productivity, accuracy, and performance as a transport and logistics company. East Coast Transport LLC has received many performance awards thanks to our customer focus and core values. Our mission is to be the best Logistics Service provider in the industry.

East Coast Transport LLC, provides 24-hour tracking, tracing, temperature monitoring, and competitive rates for every load. For over 40 years, we have supplied transportation services tailored to specific business needs, delivering customer satisfaction every time. Call East Coast Transport LLC today to discuss your logistics and transport requirements at contact us via our website.