John Latta, COO - East Coast Transport LLC

John Latta, COO

East Coast Transport, LLC, based in Paulsboro, NJ with offices in Arkansas and Florida, is proud to announce that John Latta has joined our team as Chief Operating Officer. John is a seasoned and trusted leader who consistently drives results.

John is uniquely qualified, adding his 20+ years’ experience in transportation to drive strategic prioritization and accountability within ECT.

Dan Latta, Chief Executive Officer, said, “I have tremendous confidence in John’s ability to align ECT’s world-class service with industry-leading sales and operational practices, to drive and extend the next generation of market leadership as I look towards retirement.”

“ECT’s strategy has never been more compelling and continue to win the hearts and minds of our customers,” said John Latta.

“I am incredibly energized to help lead the company to its next phase of innovation tied with operational excellence.”

The new role of COO reflects ECT’s commitment for growth and continuous improvement for our business.

East Coast Transport, LLC, continues to be a leader in the 3PL segment and is excited about John’s new role.