flatbed trucking for building supplies

Picking the Right Flatbed Trucking Service for Building Supplies

The booming economy and lower mortgage rates have spawned a lot of new construction projects. Moving building supplies to construction sites can be quite challenging. There are many different types of trucks available for hauling equipment and supplies. Flatbed trucks are extremely versatile, allowing shippers to move building materials that are too large for standard trucks. Because flatbed trucking can be dangerous, often involving heavy and unusually shaped freight, there are numerous risks involved. An experienced and reliable flatbed trucking service, East Coast Transport (a third party logistics company), will assist you with the safe and timely transport of your building supplies.

Flatbed Trucks and Building Supplies

Because flatbed trucks are entirely flat, open on all sides, and have no roof, cranes and forklifts are able to access the building supplies from all angles. Flatbed truck ramps make it easier to unload and load building supplies. A regular flatbed truck works well if you’re shipping long pipes or beams. A flatbed truck with a step deck (also known as a drop deck) is perfect for tall loads. For oversized building supplies, a flatbed truck with a double step deck may be required. Nylon straps, ropes, and steel chains are often used to secure building supplies on flatbed trucks. Additionally, canvas tarps and curtain side trailer covers can be added to protect building supplies during poor weather conditions. Finding the right flatbed trucking service for building supplies is critical to meeting delivery deadlines at an affordable price. A flatbed trucking service, East Coast Transport, has the industry expertise to ship building supplies, across town or across the country. 

A flatbed trucking service for building supplies should:

  • Have access to a large fleet and the proper equipment to accommodate your building supplies, whether one load or dedicated. 
  • Understand how to secure cargo properly to avoid accidents, injuries, or theft.
  • Customize their operations to fit your business, offering numerous equipment and software options based on your shipping needs.
  • Use safe carriers and operators who have experience moving building supplies and pass strict standards.
  • Provide management through the entire supply chain, consistently communicating the status of shipments and any opportunities or delays.
  • Partner with you for the most cost-effective shipping solutions that meet your exact storage and transportation needs for building supplies.
  • Monitor your shipment from pick-up through delivery, using state-of-the-art 24-hour tracking, tracing, and temperature monitoring.
  • Be familiar with federal (FMSCA), state, and local regulations around the transport of building supplies including load securement, size, weight, safety, and more. 
  • Adapt to and manage unforeseen circumstances with drivers, weather, and equipment.
  • Have a solid reputation for providing top-notch service, exceeding customer expectations, year after year. 

Flatbed Trucking Service with East Coast Transport

East Coast Transport, a 3PL, is a flatbed trucking service provider for building materials. Our knowledgeable staff collaborates with you to get your shipment from point A to point B in the safest, most efficient manner. We are fully capable of transporting heavy construction loads and building supplies including sand, cement blocks, plywood, doors, and racking. East Coast Transport provides full supply chain management for many industries, making sure your supplies arrive where and when they are needed. We recognize the unique needs involved with flatbed trucking for building supplies including government regulations, carrier and driver safety, and insurance. Call us at 800-257-7877 to discuss your specialized flatbed trucking service needs or contact us via our website.