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East Coast Transport

East Coast Transport is an industry leading 3PL in New Jersey providing freight transportation services using the latest technology. Trust us to DELIVER.

Hear From Our Customers and Carriers

Carrier Quick Pay

Free Direct Deposit/Paper check – 14 day pay

Quick Payment Options if not using a Factoring Company:

  • Paper Check – 2% of the balance of the load. Check mailed within 48 hrs.
  • ACH Deposit * – once set up is complete, there is a 2% fee. Paid within 48 hrs.
  • COM Check – payoff is 4% plus $12 fee. Must have all necessary paperwork in to
  • ECT by noon for same day payment.

Technology For Freight Tracking, Reporting and Security

Software System


Provides our users a fully integrated freight brokerage management system providing accountability, operations oversight, and endless customer integration opportunities.

Tracking Solution


Provides information to our customers about “where is the truck” 24/7 fully integrated with our TMS.


Electronic Data Interchange

Provides communication between customers and our operations and accounting team and is available to those customers that choose this option.

Choose East Coast Transport as

Your preferred 3PL in New Jersey

East Coast is an award-winning, full-service 3PL management company that will consistently provide the best in class service that fits your business, every day.

We provide expertise and resources for superior logistics support services over the last 40+ years. That experience translates to a vast network of carriers in all industries that can handle any type of goods, from heavy machinery to paper products, pharmaceutical supplies, and perishables. You produce or sell it, and we’ll move it safely, efficiently, and with real-time tracking and analytics.

Our high standards are evident from the beginning of our engagement to the very end of the line, and we make sure there is no weak link in your supply chain. From our people to our process to our technology, we outperform our competitors and execute the most cost-efficient, reliable solution for you every time.

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How Our 3PL Services Work


In today’s marketplace, manufacturers can’t afford time delays and lost or damaged supplies. An experienced 3PL logistics company, like East Coast Transport LLC, uses a vast network of carriers that can mobilize immediately wherever they are needed. 3PLs use the latest technology to provide real-time tracking for reliable delivery of supplies each and every time. On the back end, 3PL logistics services provide the same resources to move finished products ASAP so it can get to the customer sooner.

Shipper/ Carrier

An experienced 3PL logistics company has relationships with a large network of carriers. The 3PL can use those relationships to secure better pricing and mobilize resources more quickly. 3PL logistics services work by combining shipments with other companies (less-than-truckload) or providing full truckload options for dedicated products. 3PL logistics companies have extensive knowledge of safety regulations and state-of-the-art technology to track and monitor carrier activity at every point in the process.

Distribution Center

Whether your supply chain is centralized, decentralized, or distributed, a 3PL logistics company can bring options to the table with greater resources in a broader area. Using 3PL logistics services can also free up capital which can be used to grow your business.


The customer is the most important party in the supply chain. Using an experienced 3PL logistics company will ensure that your customer gets the product exactly when they need it, where they need it, and without damage.


Customized operations ensure we meet your deadlines on-time with exceptional communication from quick pickups to reliable deliveries.


Safety is our top priority with our proprietary Safety Management System which constantly monitors our carriers to meet and exceed our safety requirements and yours. We are additionally supported by our $100,000.00 bond.


A strategic partnership with East Coast Transport offers unparalleled resources to help your business thrive. We offer 24/7 tracking, tracing, and monitoring of temperatures at competitive rates.


From flatbeds to reefers to dry vans, our extensive fleet and expert team will meet your goals and exceed expectations. We can be your intermodal brokers. Whether one load or a dedicated fleet, ECT drivers deliver.

We’ll Take It from Here

Food & Beverage

Dry foodstuffs or refrigerated /time and temperature sensitive food products, our team is trained in handling food products per federal regulations and guidelines.

Building Supplies

We are fully capable of transporting heavy construction loads including sand, cement blocks, plywood, doors and racking.

Building and Business Signs

Signage and advertising is no problem for our team. We make sure it looks as good when delivered as it did on pick-up.

Imported Goods

EastCoast serves all the airports and ports throughout North America. We also handle shipping to and from Canada and Mexico.

Packaging Materials

Big or small loads, EastCoast Transport can haul corrugated boxes, plastic articles, bottles and caps and displays.

High Value

Transport of high value items such as nuts, electronics, and other high value products is right up our alley. Our team and our carriers are dependable and our bond is higher than most.

Paper & Paper Products

We can handle paper products of any size, shape and weight whether requiring full truckloads or LTL.


Transport for light or heavy machinery. Sensitive or oversized machinery is no problem for our team and carriers.


Hazardous material requires the special attention only an experienced team can handle and the right carrier can deliver.

We provide unlimited resources to move your freight to your customers around the block or across the country.  Our continued investment in technology and our passion to satisfy our customers drive our success, one transaction at a time. With our 3rd party logistics services, you can focus on growing your business with confidence and peace of mind that East Coast Transport is successfully delivering your products. We are on point, on time, and always available. Driving success every time.

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