Freight Carrier Service

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Carrier Quick Pay Program

We offer three payment options – paper check, ACH deposit, and COM deposit – all paid within 48 hours with 14 days of pay (exclusions for factoring companies).

payment option

Paper Check

2% of the balance of the load paid within 48 hrs.

payment option

ACH Deposit

2% fee paid within 48 hrs.

payment option

COM Check

4% plus $12 fee paid the same day if paperwork is received by noon.

Carriers Welcome

Carriers play a vital role in the logistics operations, providing essential services that help businesses move goods quickly, efficiently, and safely around the country and internationally. East Coast Transport is always looking for reliable carriers to add to our growing list. As a non-asset, third-party logistics provider, we rely on individual truckers and mid to large scale carriers to fulfill orders for our extensive list of clients.
We offer top of the line logistics technology to bring organization and simplicity to the entire shipping and delivery process. We make it easy for you to view our available freight, shipping and delivery details and easily bid on those that match your capabilities. Once on board, our software keeps us all informed and updated so we can work together to best serve the client.


  • McLeod Software backbone for precision logistics and shipping management
  • Shipment Tracking
  • EDI (Electronic Data Exchange) for communicating with all 3rd-party supplies and carriers.

Carriers are a critical component of logistics operations, as they provide the physical transportation of goods from one location to another. Without carriers, the movement of goods would be impossible, and the global economy would come to a standstill. Being a part of a reputable company is of the utmost importance, East Coast Transport has over 40 years of reputable experience. Join us today!

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Become a

Strategic Partner

Becoming a strategic partner for a 3PL company like East Coast Transport, requires a huge commitment in building mutually beneficial relationships in the industry. Listed below are a few steps that are beneficial to the process:

  • Understanding of the 3PL’s business
  • Focus on providing excellent customer service
  • Being reliable and consistent
  • Offering value-added services to the industry
  • Be open to feedback, whether positive or negative
  • Collaborate and innovate

Our carriers must first pass our own rigorous standards for safety, reliability, and professional service. Our solid, diverse network of carriers allow us to provide an effective and seamless freight transportation service. It’s easy to get started. Register today to become an East Coast Transport carrier. Use our quick and easy registration form to get qualified and before long you’ll be making money with us the way carriers have been for over 40 years.

Our many carrier partners know the importance of

Supporting Our Brand & Yours

Our base of carriers has reported that we pay them faster than most, and we always shoot straight. Our many carrier partners know the importance of supporting our brand and yours. Every carrier must complete our “Transportation Policy Agreement” that sets the expectation for each transaction based on individual customer needs. For a new carrier to load for us, we require more than insurance and a Federal Motor Carrier number to meet our strict qualifications. We use our own proprietary safety measurement system that is more rigorous than the FMCSA. Not all carriers make the cut.