Intermodal Trucking Services

  • Improve security
  • Reduce damages
  • Speed up delivery times
  • Limit handling and stops
  • Reduce costs

East Coast Transport specializes in the transportation of all trucking services and knows how to handle the unique requirements of intermodal transportation.

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Intermodal Trucking Services

In today’s competitive market, consumers are accustomed to receiving goods fast, requiring companies to embrace transportation strategies that result in quick turnaround times. A third party logistics company (3PL) offers various intermodal transport services to transport and store goods, both locally and nationally.

Advantages of Intermodal Trucking Services

Freight is easily and quickly moved long distances, particularly when using the extensive rail system in conjunction with trucking.

Costs are lower when using multiple modes of transportation. For example, trains are able to move freight using less fuel than trucks.

Customers expect quick shipping and delivery in today’s demanding consumer market; therefore, intermodal transportation is a logistics necessity across long distances.

The large network of carriers offering intermodal services at competitive prices makes it a cost-efficient option for many companies.

Products are packaged in containers and remain in the containers throughout the entire supply chain, reducing the chance of damage or loss.

What Is Intermodal Transportation?

Intermodal transportation involves the movement of goods in a container or vehicle using multiple modes of transportation such as rail, ship, and truck. Quite frequently, freight is moved with a truck then loaded onto a rail, or ship, eventually ending up back on a truck for the final leg of transport. With intermodal trucking services, containers such as entire truck trailers, refrigerated containers (reefers), and tank containers (for bulk liquids) run between railroads and ports. During intermodal transportation, only the container or vehicle is handled directly, not the cargo.

East Coast Transport, a 3PL, understands all aspects of intermodal trucking services including what is being shipped, how it needs to be shipped, and what, if any, special circumstances and regulations need to be followed.

Why Are

Intermodal Trucking Services Important?

Intermodal transportation is both reliable and flexible, oftentimes providing the best possible supply chain solution. Different modes of transportation are available across the country, but using just one type can be challenging. Often freight needs to be switched between modes of transportation to be delivered timely and cost-effectively. Intermodal trucking services are the answer!

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Intermodal Trucking Services

with East Coast Transport

East Coast Transport, a 3PL, has been helping customers transport freight for 40 years. We are your intermodal transport service provider, managing the delivery of goods in various industries. East Coast Transport has many intermodal partners that support door-to-door service throughout the USA, transporting goods with containers, vans and reefers. When it comes to your bottom line, trust a 3PL, East Coast Transport, that has the knowledge, equipment, and technology to move your products safely and quickly. East Coast Transport’s team of professionals understands the logistics of moving freight, as well as international and national regulations imposed on intermodal services. We supply transportation services tailored to your business, delivering customer satisfaction every time. Call us at 800-257-7877 to find out more about our intermodal trucking services or contact us via our website.