Reefer Trucking Services

Reefer trucking provides a reliable and efficient way to transport perishable goods while maintaining their quality and safety. Allow East Coast Transport to handle all your reefer needs.

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Advantages of

Reefer Trucks

Reefer trucks play an important role in the transportation industry, allowing businesses to transport a wider range of products while maintaining the quality and integrity of their cargo. Reefer trucks provide a variety of advantages such as:

  • Continuous monitoring of products’ temperature
  • Protects cargo from spoilage and other damages
  • Versatility by hauling both dry and refrigerated products
  • Comply with regulations and mandates

By eliminating the worry of spoiled deliveries, reefers provide a reliable and safe way to transport temperature sensitive products and goods over longer distances. East Coast Transport’s reefer trucking services offer greater agility by guaranteeing the safe and timely arrival of your products.

Managing Reefer Trucking with ECT

Reefer trucking involves several key elements to ensure that the transportation of  temperature-sensitive cargo is carried out safely and efficiently. East Coast Transport takes certain precautions and protocols into account when transporting your cargo, for example: 


East Coast Transport takes careful consideration into identifying the temperature requirements for the cargo, determining the appropriate route, and scheduling the delivery time.


By providing clear instructions on temperature requirements, pickup/delivery times, and any special handling instructions is essential. It is critical to have effective communication between the shipper, carrier, and receiver to ensure successful reefer trucking. East Coast Transport is an expert in this!


Reefer trucks should be equipped with temperature monitoring systems to ensure that the cargo is transported at the proper temperature. East Coast Transport’s continued investment in technology allows us to provide the best for our customers, ensuring the success of your shipment!


By working with a qualified logistics provider, you can guarantee that your temperature-sensitive cargo is transported properly. Never stress again, choose East Coast Transport to handle your reefer trucking needs. 

Why Choose ECT to Handle Your Reefer Needs

East Coast Transport is an award-winning and leading provider in the industry. Giving our best when it comes to shipment transportation services for our customers. With over 40 years in the industry, we have extensive experience in reefer trucking. We have a team of qualified carriers and logistics professionals who are well versed in handling your temperature-sensitive cargo. 

East Coast Transport utilizes the latest technology to ensure that your shipment is tracked and monitored throughout the entire transportation process. We use GPS tracking and temperature monitoring systems to ensure that your cargo is transported at the proper temperature and arrives at its destination in a timely manner.

At East Coast Transport, we pride ourselves on our proven track record of providing reliable, flexible, and customer focused reefer trucking services. Looking to schedule your reefer trucking transport? Look no further than East Coast Transport! We can handle any of your transportation services.