Logistics and Supply Chain Consulting Services

Solving your evolving supply chain and logistics challenges rarely results in a simple solution. East Coast Transport understands that.

Our Supply Chain Consulting Services Focus on Improving Your Strategies

Logistics Network Strategy
Material Handling/Automation Systems
Distribution Operations Assessment
Lean Distribution & Manufacturing
Purchasing & Inventory Optimization
Achieving Logistics Excellence
Distribution Center Design
Supply Chain Technology
Transportation Management
Product Sourcing Strategy
3PL Outsourcing
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East Coast Transport provides logistics and supply chain consulting services for industries, including manufacturing, food and beverage, paper products, machinery, and others. Let East Coast Transport become your logistics and supply chain consultant, and we will partner with you to improve your logistics transportation performance.

Understand Our Process for Logistics and Supply Chain Consulting

We begin the process with an assessment of your supply chain. We will use this assessment to identify areas for improvement. Then we will develop best practices based on goals, such as cost reduction, improved customer satisfaction, cycle time compression, LEAN supply chain management, and quicker inventory turnaround times.

After creating best practices, East Coast Transport’s supply chain consulting services can help you develop and implement the logistics program to bring about these changes. If you want to improve sales quality, margins, and reduce attrition, let East Coast Transport’s supply chain consulting services evaluate your logistics process. We have the knowledge and experience in 3PL, warehousing, and transportation to grow your business.

Supply Chain


Transporting freight at a competitive rate with a quick turnaround time is crucial. Evaluating your supply chain process using state-of-the-art technology, East Coast Transport will make supply chain consulting services and full truckload recommendations that help clients improve their bottom line and meet business objectives. We have relationships with carriers that specialize in transporting all types of cargo. Our knowledgeable team is experienced at finding the best FTL carrier at the best price for your cargo. East Coast Transport understands the logistics industry and regulations, and has an extensive network of transportation providers.


Supply Chain Management

With Full Truckloads

There are many considerations involving logistics and supply chain management when moving freight. In today’s fast-paced world, people enjoy the convenience of receiving products straight to their doorstep. Products are shipped from a warehouse to a customer’s home or business in a matter of days, sometimes hours. Transporting freight efficiently and safely ensures deadlines are met and customers are happy. Advances in technology and increased competition have created unique customer demands in logistics. To keep up with delivery demands, freight must be moved quickly, across town or across the country, at an affordable price. It’s important to work with a 3PL (third-party logistics company) that understands supply chain planning and the benefit of full truckloads. East Coast Transport, a 3PL, can assess your supply chain and make recommendations in all aspects of freight management including transportation, tracking, technology, safety, warehousing, and communications.